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  • Vision


  • About

    Material Institute Lutruwita / Tasmania was founded in 2021 by Mona’s Kirsha Kaechele.


    Based in Bridgewater, Tasmania, our team runs community events, social enterprises and food education programs at community hubs and schools across the state.


    We’re a sister organisation to Material Institute NOLA.

Our Board

  • KK

    Founder and Chair

    Kirsha Kaechele

    • Experience and Expertise

      Kirsha is an artist, curator, designer and philanthropist. Kirsha has been involved with charities and not-for-profits for over twenty years in both Australia and the United States. Kirsha is an experienced fundraiser and advocate for disadvantaged and impoverished communities.

  • a table topped with orange and white vases and cups


    John Balazs

    • Qualifications

      LLM (Hons) Sydney University; Admitted in NSW 19 December 1979

    • Experience and Expertise

      John has over forty years experience as a legal practitioner in Australia and Europe. John was formerly a partner of Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse and Baker & McKenzie.

    • Social Responsibilities

      Member of the Finance sub-committee

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    Kellyanne Williams

    • Experience and Expertise

      Kellyanne has twenty years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, having worked for Save The Children and numerous other community associations. Kellyanne brings unique community passion and experience to the Board.

  • Nic W


    Nic Whyte

    • Qualifications

      B.Fine Arts

    • Experience and Expertise

      Nic is a Creative Technologist with 25 years experience in systems and service design for the cultural sector. As the CTO and Co-Founder of Art Processors, he has led innovative projects that redefine how people from all backgrounds can engage with cultural narratives. Nic is committed to advancing the mission of Material Institute, fostering initiatives that empower students to create a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

  • PK

    Director, Secretary

    Patrick Kelly

    • Qualifications

      B. Com, CPA

    • Experience and Expertise

      Patrick has nearly thirty years of financial and management experience. He’s worked for three state governments, large private enterprises and a publicly listed company, mostly on the financial side of things.

    • Social Responsibilities

      Treasurer and Chair of the Finance sub-committee


  • Andy

    24 Carrot Gardens High School Program Manager

    Andy Rushton

    A high school teacher before joining our ranks, Andy loves getting out into the garden with students, teaching lifelong practical skills outside the classroom. When not with us, he’s hanging with family and friends, surfing or chilling on the family hobby farm.

  • Catherine Woo


    Catherine Woo

    Passionate about materials and making, Catherine’s been working and exhibiting in Australia and overseas for over twenty years. Loves natural materials and environments, and sharing them with students and the public.

  • Georgie

    Ceramic Artist / Potter

    Georgie Vozar

    Georgie makes it all. Big pots. Little pots. Pots that don’t look like pots. Pots that aren’t pots at all. Was literally raised in a pottery. Big believer in the therapeutic side of arts practice.

  • Jo

    24 Carrot Gardens Northern Program Manager

    Joanne Dean

    Jo’s been teaching sustainable food growing for ten years, in Australia and Fiji. A teacher of permaculture design and mentor for village and community groups, they’re also the state rep for Community Gardens Australia. Keen kayaker.

  • Staff portrait of Jordan Wright

    Operations Manager

    Jordan Wright

    Came across from the world of People and Culture (or HR). Jordan enjoys getting to wear many hats in a young, ambitious organisation. Likes enabling others, solving problems pragmatically, learning, and playing sports badly.

  • Kris

    24 Carrot Gardens Program Manager

    Kristina McCarthy

    Compost whiz. Handy with power tools. Bird nerd. Passionate food garden educator and practitioner (with ten years experience as one of our in-school educators). Spends every spare moment outdoors, with a camera.

  • Lisa Lods

    Business Manager

    Lisa Lods

    With a tech and commercial background, Lisa has over 25 years in the personal care and essential oils industries. Lisa heads up our Beauty Lab and social enterprise aspects of Material Institute. She is passionate about transporting the curious through the journey of beauty, science, enterprise, nature, technology, sustainability and imagination.

  • Lou

    Head Horticulturalist

    Louise Sales

    Originally from Scotland (and therefore suited to chilly Bridgewater mornings), Lou grows the veg and seedlings that make 24 Carrot Gardens tick. With a background in conservation and environmental advocacy, she’s excited to finally have her hands in the dirt full time.

  • Marcia

    Botanical Site crew

    Marcia Travers

    A regular visitor, we eventually asked Marcia to come aboard officially to share her skill and passion for sewing, arts and crafts, as well as help in the garden. In her spare time you’ll find her out in her kayak or getting away with her daughter and dogs.

  • Martin

    Creative Producer Material Institute / KK Projects Mona

    Martin Blackwell

    An old hand who shuffled across from Mona, Marty’s our resident musicologist—player, producer, general dab-hand organiser of anything that can carry a tune. Lover of the visual arts and possessor of an extensive instrument collection.

  • Minna

    Partnership and Project Lead

    Minna Bright

    Steward of our network of partnerships, donors, suppliers, service providers and community advocates, Minna also works on the project side, spreadsheeting up a storm to support our new developments and ongoing programs.

  • Example image

    24 Carrot Gardens Development Manager

    Reuben Parker-Greer

    He likes to help things grow strong and healthy, whether it’s plants, landscapes, people or community: loves the lot. Works directly with schools and students to create their gardens, from shared vision to nurturing plants in the ground.

  • Example image


    Sarah Proud

    Passionate about people, equality and the planet. Bit of a penchant for pondering ‘emergent systems and strategy’. Plans to sail to Fiji when she grows up.

  • Example image

    24 Carrot Gardens Program Manager

    Simon Dunne

    Proud problem solver, listener and practical do-er. Wants to make meaningful impacts and empower others using his background in architecture, community engagement and horticulture. Thinks (via Tolkien, and the science of mycelium networks) that trees can talk; we just have to learn how to listen.

  • Example image

    24 Carrot Gardens Program Manager

    Tamas Oszvald

    Trained woodcarver and carpenter—as well as the senior project manager for our southern primary schools—Tamas designs and builds outdoor furniture for our school gardens. Also has a PhD, runs a family theatre group, and the rest.

  • Example image

    Botanical Site Crew

    Tenille Forster

    An active member of our community, Tenille’s been with us since we launched our Bond Place site in 2018. While maintaining and harvesting the gardens at Botanical, she particularly enjoys working with the bees and getting around the community events.

  • Example image

    Head Chef

    Vladimir Panevin

    Joined us after more than a decade cooking in some of Tassie’s best restaurants. Big into seasonal produce, sustainability and ethically raised animals, so it feels like he’s in the right place. Responsible for all things food-y.

  • Example image

    Content Manager

    Yasmin Mund

    Helps us look our best in all things visual, content and internet when she’s not studying permaculture, bush regeneration and general backyard food growing. Loves foraging seaside, roadside, or in the garden.